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Whether on holidays or regular weekend getaways, attending festivals is one go-to event interest that many regularly subscribe to. This is not unrelated to the funfair, upbeat music, communal gatherings and networking possibilities open up during any kind of Festival. Some of the most popular festivals present in the world today include the Carnival of Venice, Rio Festival, Holi Festival, India’s Diwali, and the Boryeong Mud Festival, among others.

While many love to go all wild and act like happy kids at these festivals, it’s not so easy to get out there in such gatherings anymore. Instead, we see more and more people opting to enjoy the programs right from home without the extra, extra cost of traveling from their homes. So, if you’re one who would love to take this great way out, then you would want to pay better attention to the information here.

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  • 1 How to Stream any Festival

  • 2 From Official Website

  • 3 Watch Festivals on online TV

  • 3.1 YouTube TV

  • 3.2 Sling TV

  • 3.3 FuboTV

  • 3.4 DirecTV Now

  • 4 Watch on social media platforms

  • 4.1 Facebook

  • 4.2 Twitter

  • 4.3 Instagram

  • 5 How to buy Any Festival Tickets

  • 5.1 Ticketmaster

  • 5.2 StubHub

  • 5.3 Eventbrite

  • 5.4 Vivid Seats

  • 5.5 AXS

  • 6 Final Words

How to Stream any Festival

There are numerous options available for you to explore. And, these include websites that naturally list the programs and stream them online for watch. Again, there are options to watch on the official website or YouTube channel. Then, other channels range from online TVs, to social media. These variant options often depend on the organizers of the event, and the channels that are prepared yo take it up.

From Official Website

This is one common way to get your favorite festival streamed. And, this is because it is the official host home of the event, and it would be streamed on there for everyone to enjoy. However, depending on the website, you might need to create an account with them first. When you get your account set up, you should check if the live stream is available for free watch or you’ll have to pay. Either way, make the choice that is most suitable for you. However, if you’d prefer to watch somewhere else, you have options in other websites that list the festival on their platform.

Watch Festivals on online TV

You can agree when we say that TVs are taking charge in present times. From Sling, to Roku, FireTV, Fubo or Hulu, there are multiple online TVs that can put that festival up for streaming. Let’s check them out.

YouTube TV

We’re pretty sure that many people are aware of what YouTube is. YouTube TV is however, a live feature on the visual platform. When you are on YouTube, simply scroll on to see which of the events are live for watch. So, the Live feature is what YouTube TV is.

Sling TV

From concerts to festivals and more events, Sling TV is a great streaming platform for people who have interest in online watch. Also, the service has an amazing feature that allows you to pick which channels that you’d like to pay for, or leave out.


Fubo TV is an American streaming service that is made available for users in the USA, Canada and Spain. If you’re out of some zones, you might have no access to this service. However, if you are present, FuboTV offers a no-contract subscription method. This allows you to subscribe and cancel anytime.

DirecTV Now

This California-based streaming service is another option if you would love to tune in for a festival live stream. It carries multiple packages, and you can make the choice, according to your preferences.

Watch on social media platforms

Social media is popular for the multi-benefits across the platforms. Just as you can chat, network, keep up with friends, or share videos, you can also watch live festival videos.


You can watch different festival videos on Facebook through the Live feature


You can also follow the updates of the Festival to keep up the adjustments and changes that can come up.


Instagram is already known for being a streaming platform for shows, concerts and festivals alike.

How to buy Any Festival Tickets


Visit to check if the tickets to the festival that you’re interested in is for sale.


You can also check the Stubhub website to buy for tickets for any festival.


Eventbrite is a popular website for getting info about programs, shows and entertainment. So, you can check the website to purchase your tickets.

Vivid Seats

When Vivid Seats has got your Festival or event listed, purchasing your tickets from there is great idea.


AXS is another go-to outlet to get tickets for any festival.

Final Words

Being able to get your recreation or events needs met is one of the most important things there is. Therefore, we hope that this article has been able to provide you with the necessary information and know-how that will guide you into watching or streaming your favorite festivals from now on.


How to watch the Festival live stream online

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