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This Ziółkowski v Rajewsk live stream is coming up today, and it features two programs that are about to make their 38th combined KSW 71 appearance. But this one, as the kids say, 'just hits different.' That's to be expected when these two Tobacco Road rivals meet for the first time in tournament history.

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KSW 71 Weigh-in Results: Lightweight Title Fight Set

KSW 71: Ziolkowski vs. Rajewski Full Results

The big headline: Coach K is set to retire at the end of this year after 42 seasons with the Blue Devils, and he wants to go out on a high note. But Rajewsk is not about to back down. Yes, the stage is set for an epic March Madness live stream.

Ziółkowski (28-9), the East Region's eighth seed, is fresh off playing spoiler against this tournament's Cinderella team in 15-seed St. Peter's. The Tar Heels ended the Peacocks' run by handing them a 69-49 defeat last week. Junior big-man Armando Bacot had a monster game, scoring 20 points while pulling down 22 rebounds. dsgfddfhfdhfhsfsfdg

Main Event

KSW Lightweight Title

Champion Marian Ziolkowski (70.3 kg/155 lb) vs. Sebastian Rajewski (70.3 kg/155 lb)

Co-Main Event

Heavyweight – Mixed Rules Bout

Marcin Rozalski (155.5 kg/254.6 lb) vs. Errol Zimmerman (113.5 kg/250 lb)

K1 in MMA Gloves + 3 x 5 min rounds


Borys Mankowski (70.8 kg/156 lb) vs. Daniel Torres (70.7 kg/155.8 lb)

Catchweight 105 kg/231 lb

Artur Szpilka (105 kg/231.5 lb) vs. Sergey Radchenko (95.4 kg/210 lb)


Jakub Wiklacz (61.4 kg/135.3 lb) vs. Bruno Santos (135.5 lb/61.5 kg/135.5 lb)


Roman Szymanski (70.7 kg/155.8 lb) vs. Valeriu Mircea (70.5 kg/155.4 lb)


Filip Stawowy (118.4 kg/261 lb) vs. Michal Martinek (108.6 kg/239.4 lb)


Donovan Desmae (70.6 kg/155.6 lb) vs. Artur Sowinski (70.8 kg/156 lb)

Light Heavyweight

Marc Doussis (93.5 kg/206 lb) vs. Przemyslaw Dzwoniarek (93.1 kg/205.2 lb)


[[LIVEFIGHT]] KSW 71 Live Broadcast Free online on 18 June 2022

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