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Warriors parade 2022: Thousands swarm downtown San Francisco, transit system to see NBA champs

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The Golden State Warriors’ championship parade on Monday could prove to be one of BART’s busiest days in history — a one-day godsend for the transit system that’s struggled throughout the pandemic. The parade also is turning a spotlight on one of San Francisco’s most important arteries, Market Street, amid hopes that putting its best foot forward may help the downtown business artery on its path to pandemic recovery. Starting at 11:20 a.m., the parade is to wend its way from Market and Main. Here’s what you need to know about what and where, and how to get there.

Clipper said Monday that people struggling to add a card or value to their mobile app should keep trying as some attempts are going through. The agency said its app was experiencing huge demand because of people taking public transit to the Warriors parade Monday. Many were struggling to add value or a card to their mobile app, Clipper and BART said Monday morning. BART said a long line at its Dublin station for Clipper cards had been cleared up.

Here's something we haven't seen for a couple years -- and most of us haven't missed -- BART passengers packed like sardines. Though passenger traffic remains way down from pre-pandemic levels these days on BART, the trains were packed Monday morning heading to the Golden State Warriors parade in downtown San Francisco, the transit agency tweeted. Unlike their commuting counterparts, these train passengers look ecstatic.


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