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NBA Final Warriors Parade 2022 Live Updates...

The Golden State Warriors are making a triumphant return to San Francisco with a parade after winning the NBA Finals in Boston on Thursday...

Warriors parade 2022 today: Everything you need to know about championship celebration in SF ...

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The Golden State Warriors’ championship parade on Monday could prove to be one of BART’s busiest days in history — a one-day godsend for the transit system that’s struggled throughout the pandemic. The parade also is turning a spotlight on one of San Francisco’s most important arteries, Market Street, amid hopes that putting its best foot forward may help the downtown business artery on its path to pandemic recovery. Starting at 11:20 a.m., the parade is to wend its way from Market and Main. Here’s what you need to know about what and where, and how to get there.




Here’s the latest news about the parade and the Warriors:

Podcaster Green teases he might not show up





Golden State Warriors power forward and budding podcaster Draymond Green tweeted Monday morning that he might skip the team's championship parade in San Francisco over the lack of a rally with speeches. “Nobody speaking at the parade? Yeah I think I’m going to stay at the crib,” the loquacious guard wrote. This, however, might be a case of Draymond being Draymond and stirring the pot, because he missed the typo in his next tweet: “So just rude and wave?”

BART bracing for a very big day

With hundreds of thousands of transit riders expected at San Francisco’s championship parade for the Warriors, Monday could prove a bonanza day for the BART system — maybe one of its busiest ever, despite recent ridership being a fraction of what it was before the pandemic. Nine of the top 10 days with the highest ridership on BART happened either on days the Warriors or Giants held a championship parade or in the days leading up to Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Read more about how BART is bracing for a surge in crowds as its downtown San Francisco stations take riders directly to the parade.

Will the Dubs throw another parade next year?

While the Warriors and San Francisco were preparing for Monday’s Market Street celebration, Chronicle basketball writer Connor Letourneau was writing up this offseason primer on the team’s challenges — including a payroll that may exceed $400 million, decisions on free agents like Gary Payton II, and the health of young center James Wiseman. Check out what the Warriors' offseason holds.

Market Street hopes the parade attention will signal some new buzz

Market Street, which has fallen on pandemic hard times, is playing a supporting role in the Warriors’ glory parade day. City officials and local business groups spent a hectic weekend preparing for the arriving masses, while crossing their fingers in hopes that the moment would boost the long struggling boulevard in a bigger way. Read more about San Francisco’s preparations for the big Warriors day and why it’s important for the beleaguered downtown.

From Beantown to Sin City for the champions

No sooner did the Golden State Warriors touch down in San Francisco on Friday after dispensing with the Boston Celtics than a dozen members of the team boarded another jet — and flew to Las Vegas. The celebrants’ itinerary included Zouk, a nightclub north of the fabled Las Vegas Strip, where the Las Vegas Review-Journal described how teammates led by Klay Thompson entered the floor as the team’s logo flashed on the club’s huge LED screen. With them was the favorite DJ of Dub Nation, DJ Shabazz, who took over the controls on the stage. According to the Review-Journal, pretty much every Warrior of note except Steph Curry was on hand to cut loose after a grueling season and 22 postseason games.

The group included Jordan Poole, who also was celebrating his 23rd birthday over the weekend. Poole marked the occasion in part by “spraying champagne across the console at Zouk Nightclub’s DJ booth,” reported the as Review-Journal. The newspaper then then took pains to point out that “Any professional DJ (and even any novice champagne drinker) knows this is a bad combination.” Even in Las Vegas, apparently, some things are taboo

Warriors Parade 2022: Live Updates

Golden State Warriors championship parade 2022: Everything you need to know about San Francisco celebration for NBA Finals win

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