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Membership has its privileges! Purchase tickets in advance of everybody else! Avoid long lines at the front doors! We sincerely hope you’ll join us as an active Member and help continue our mission of bringing amazing entertainment to the Phoenix community. Your annual membership will make all the difference. Please become a Member today! Memberships start at just $50.

The success and preservation of Celebrity Theatre is not possible without the critical support that Members provide. Ticket sales and other revenue comprise 100% of our operating budget; the money needed to keep our historic landmark sounding good and looking good is raised through generous contributions from people like you. If you love what we bring to the Valley, our top shelf entertainment, and our historic and iconic venue, please consider becoming a Member of Celebrity Theatre today.

Your membership will be activated when we reopen, and will remain active for one year after our reopening date. Becoming a Member today will go a long way in securing our future. THANK YOU!

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*Celebrity Select Tickets. How it works: You’ll get vouchers for Celebrity Select shows with your membership (see chart above for details). Throughout the year, our booking team will email you a selection of a few shows with up-and-coming artists, or top-quality tribute acts, and why we think they should not be missed. At their essence, these are shows that our team would attend even if they weren’t at our venue. You can then use your Celebrity Select vouchers (included with your Membership) for free admission to any of the shows you choose.


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